About A Meeting of the Minds


Using real time communication* on the Internet, A Meeting of the Minds connects people diagnosed with dementia and others who are meeting the challenges of dementia.

We create opportunities for meaningful engagement — through videoconferencing – for those who face isolation due to societal attitudes towards dementia, rural locations, lack of access to services and support groups, lack of transportation, or because opportunities for support and socializing are not offered in their communities.

A Meeting of the Minds was the brainchild of Dr. Richard Taylor (Dementia Support Networks) and Laura Bowley (Mindset Memory Centre), who recognized the power of personal contact, yet wanted to avoid the challenges and expense of travel. A Meeting of the Minds provides contact, community, a shared experience, and the opportunity to connect with others who are challenged by the same issues.

We offer:

  • Monthly A Meeting of the Minds webinars for people with dementia and others meeting the challenges of dementia
  • Online support groups for people with dementia
  • Monthly On-line Memory Cafe

Upcoming programs:

  • Bi-monthly webinars for caregivers
  • Small group online workshops for caregivers

Contact us to learn about new programs and to inquire about the support group.

* Real-time communications (RTC) is any mode of telecommunications in which all users can exchange information instantly